Sharon Orchard


In late Summer each year our first crop of apples ripen and these are carefully handpicked before being brought into our Cidery.

The Cidery is the heart of our operation and is the building where we press our apples using a Mill to crush them to pulp and a Press to squeeze the lovely juice out of the pulp.

Our original press took two people 4 hours to squeeze a tonne of apples and produced 650 litres of juice, our new press is operated by Ioe and is capable of pressing 1 tonne of apples every 45 minutes and produces 800 litres of lovely sweet apple juice.

We press apples from mid-August until the end of March.

  In the Cidery you will be able to see all of the equipment used to make the juice and cider on your self-guided tour or you may wish to join us at 12:00 and 15:00 Saturdays for an entertaining guided tour.

Normally led by "Scrumpy Joe" himself and lasting 30-40 minutes you will gain a great insight into how the business operates with some amusing tales of the early days when some things did not quite go to plan...!

Please note that at certain phases of production some parts of the tour may be limited for safety reasons however whatever processing we are undertaking will be explained and demonstrated.