Sharon Orchard

Our History

we are Sharon and
Joe McNally and we really enjoy good food and drink. We particularly appreciate friendly service and when we decided to start our business many years ago it was driven by a passion to produce superb products and provide a friendly welcoming environment.
Our dream came true in 1997 when Sharon Orchard was establ ished in the Ashey Valley to grow quality apples to make traditional artisan ciders and apple juice.

We carefully selected our land to ensure that we fully benefitted from the Isle of Wight's mild weather along with freshening breezes that provide a superb climate in which to grow excellent apples.

We personally planted 4000 trees of many varieties including Cox, Bramley, Russett and Isle of Wight Pippin.


Over the years the business has grown dramatically and we now complement our ciders and juices with an extensive range of artisan jams, marmalades, chutneys, relish, pickles and mustards.


All are made by Sharon here on the farm. We have always produced in small batches to ensure the quality and taste that they are renowned for.


In recent years we have added a larger shop and new licensed coffee house with a beautiful patio and garden to enrich the experience of a visit to Sharon Orchard.





We hope you enjoy your visit as much as we enjoy creating the experience.